Internship Opportunity

For many of our vocal group performances, Harmonic Generation uses microphones and a PA system, and so our connection with the audience is critically dependent on the quality of the sound mixing. Sound mixing a voice and instruments, or a few instruments, is already quite a challenge, but mixing 16 a cappella voices to blend correctly requires a higher level of skill.

Learning how to manage all the aspects of a sound system for a multi-voice a cappella ensemble depends on exposure to experience that can only be obtained with an appropriate sound system AND the availability of a number of performers.  HG would like to provide this context as a test-bed for a developing sound technician who is interested in learning more about mastering these particular challenges.

We are offering a shared-benefit situation where the sound engineer intern learns on our equipment and using our voices, benefiting from guidance provided by experts within (or associated with) the group. In turn, the group will benefit from having access to an engineer having more familiarity with our performance genre and the special needs it involves.

  1. Our ideal candidate will have live sound engineering/mixing experience. He or she will have a set of golden ears, and an interest in a cappella music.

  2. An initial commitment to an internship of one year in length is required (approx. Sep. 2017 to Aug 2018), with availability for:

  3. -1-2 hour training sessions on HG’s mixing board and sound equipment in Sep/Oct;

  4. -Hands-on learning for 3 or more full-day retreats (typically held on a weekend day, 1-2 in the fall/winter, and 1 in spring);

  5. -6 or more sound rehearsals on Monday nights (in Bells Corners);

  6. -Hands-on learning for 2 or 3 concerts.

  1. Get to know a fun bunch of singers (with a wide range of ages and experience) who enjoy working in and developing the a cappella genre.

  2. Enhance your existing skills through managing a challenging sound configuration of 16 voices (male and female).

  3. Work in a dynamic environment with a skilled group and appropriate equipment currently including: 16 microphones (ElectroVoice, wired), a 24-channel powered Peavey mixer, 4 passive monitor speakers, and 2 powered main speakers.

  4. We are offering a scholarship of $500, of which $150 will be paid at the beginning of the internship upon confirmation of the award, with the balance paid on successful completion of the year internship.

Send your letter of application via email to Your letter should outline your interest in this internship opportunity, describing your relevant education and/or experience, and including contact info for a couple of references.  We will notify you if you are selected for an interview.

Please note: we reserve the right to not make an appointment if an appropriate candidate is not found.

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